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The lift market is increasingly developing into two fundamentally different segments: the standard or mass market, and the market for sophisticated or special systems.

While the mass market is determined by such factors as standardisation, volume and price, special system customers are looking for individuality, flexibility and technical competence.

Manufacturers of technically complex, high-quality and individually designed lifts prefer component makers who demonstrate a high level of solution and implementation competence. We are familiar with the respective problems of this market segment and are involved in developing appropriate, marketable solutions.

Our products feature a high level of both quality and operator utility.

Our chief capital is our skilled and motivated employees. They stand for the technical expertise, flexibility and speed with which we implement our customers’ technical requirements, not to mention our reliability and marketing strength. This demonstrates the skill and competence of our solutions and implementations.

By implementing close, partner-based and strategic cooperations with relevant lift manufacturers, it is our intention to be the preferred partner in the respective segments.

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