person lift

HEBO – person lift

a lift belongs to the standard of a modern property , whether public or multi-family houses

HEBO  elevator always adapts to your individual circumstances and wishes

 For  us , safety is our first priority , but a HEBO elevators offers them more , in addition to the safety aspect , it ensures perfect comfort and maximum economy .

we attach great importance to high quality in all areas , because the individual components influence each other.


Design :

no matter what material you want for their elevator , with a HEBO – Elevator you not only emphasize the aesthetics of their architecture , but also ensure that users feel comfortable and safe.

Driving Comfort :

  HEBO Elevator gives them maximum ride comfort. for quiet operation , we only use high A  technology in field of drive and control , whether rope or hydraulic lift quality.

Economies :

 With the selection of components their HEBO Elevator , we always have two things in focus. a long life and high energy efficiency , due to low maintenance costs their lift over the entire life cycle and due to low operating costs.